Having sweated our way through some of the hottest weather since the 70s in the last couple of weeks, you’ll find no argument from us that your daily caffeine fix is best served chilled at this time of year — but how do you make the perfect iced coffee at home? Old Spike Roastery Manager and coffee guru Jonny Gagel has all the answers, and it’s all down to some simple maths.


Below are three of Jonny's favourite methods for making the perfect iced coffee. Whether you’re using a cafetiere, V60 or Clever Dripper, keep in mind that ratios are key. 60 grams of coffee to one litre of water is the gold standard brew ratio. It’s been around since the 1950s and was created by the SCAA. This is what we use for all of our filter methods at Old Spike and Spike + Earl and is what the quantities in these instructions are derived from — the only difference here is that our water measurements are split into frozen and liquid parts.

You can buy retail packs of Old Spike Roast coffee at a number of locations including Old Spike in Peckham and Spike + Earl in Camberwell. For this tutorial Jonny chose Old Spike's San Ignacio blend, from Peru.



  • We recommend always using filtered water. Roughly 98% of your coffee is water, if your water tastes bad your coffee will taste bad. You can buy it bottled or simply use a home filtration system.
  • If you are grinding your coffee at home, do at as close to the time you will be brewing it as possible for maximum freshness.
  • If you don’t have a grinder at home, just tell whoever is serving you when you buy your coffee and they will grind it for you based on your preferred brew method. 


  • 26g Old Spike coffee
  • 300g boiling water
  • 130g ice for the brewing process
  • Glass of ice for serving over
  1. Wet the paper filter.
  2. Pour away any excess water
  3. Add the coffee to the paper filter and pour the full 300g of hot water over it.
  4. Leave to brew for 2 - 2.5 minutes
  5. Fill your serving vessel (Jonny uses a carafe) with 130g of ice and place the Clever Dripper directly on top to release the catch.
  6. Stir until all of the ice has melted
  7. To serve, pour the cooled coffee over more ice in your chosen drinking glass.


  • 60g Old Spike coffee
  • 700g boiling water
  • 300g ice for the brewing process
  • Glass of ice for serving over
  1. Pour the 700g of water into the cafetiere.
  2. Leave the lid off and brew for three minutes
  3. Scrape off anything that has risen to the top with a spoon and throw it away. This is the bitter part of the coffee and you don’t want a bitter taste.
  4. Plunge. There should be no resistance as you do.
  5. Put 300g ice into your preferred serving vessel and add the brewed coffee.
  6. Stir gently until all of the ice has melted.
  7. Fill your chosen drinking glass with more ice and pour your already cooled coffee over it.


  • 15g Old Spike coffee
  • 175g boiling water
  • 75g ice for the brewing process
  • Glass of ice for serving over
  • (This is for a single serving. If you’re using an 02 V60 just double the quantities)
  1. Add 75g ice to the vessel into which the coffee will filter.
  2. Wet the paper filter.
  3. Pour away any excess water.
  4. Add the full 15g of coffee.
  5. Pour 25g of the hot water over the coffee and stir quickly to make sure all the grounds are wet.
  6. Pour a further 75g of hot water over the wet ground in concentric circles.
  7. Wait 30 seconds for the water to draw down then add the remaining 75g of hot water.
  8. Make sure all of the ice has melted by stirring the coffee gently.
  9. Have a drinking glass ready with more ice in and simply pour the cooled coffee over.

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